The Arch – Eva Quartet & Hector Zazou

The Arch – Eva Quartet & Hector Zazou

E’ uscito per Elen Music nel corso del 2011 l’ultimo album di Hector Zazou, “The Arch – Eva Quartet & Hector Zazou” un disco che mi vede come ospite con mia grande sorpresa ed orgoglio, insieme a tantissimi musicisti di fama mondiale. Hector mi venne a trovare a Barga nell’ottobre del 2007 dicendomi che voleva registrare alcune parti con la tromba per un suo nuovo lavoro sulla musica Bulgara, in quei giorni stavo lavorando alle musiche per i video dell’ IVECO insieme a Stefano Onorati e Roberto Cecchetto, avevamo allestito una postazione di lavoro al Barga Jazz Club, fra un video e l’altro Hector ha registrato sia me che Roberto. Abbiamo passato qualche giorno insieme ascoltando musica in particolare la bozza del mio disco “Invisible Cities”, ad Hector era piaciuta molto l’idea del disco ed anche il materiale ascoltato fino a quel momento, si era offerto di aiutarmi nell’arrangiamento e nella successiva finalizzazione del lavoro ma l’anno dopo l’ 8 settembre 2008 Hector se n’è andato lasciando un grande vuoto nel mondo della musica ma soprattutto nel cuore di chi gli era amico. Pensavo che ogni cosa registrata fosse perduta, fino a quando a novembre del 2011 mentre mi trovavo in Arizona, non ho ricevuto una mail dal Sig. Dimiter Panev che mi chiedeva tutte le info riguardanti la registrazione, in quale studio era stata effettuata ecc. E’ stato bello poter dire che la mia registrazione e quella di Roberto sono state fatte non in uno studio di registrazione da milioni di Euro ma semplicemente al Barga Jazz Club un posto sostenuto da volontari fra mille difficoltà, ma allo stesso tempo un luogo che trasuda musica da tutti i muri, in un piccolo paese come Barga sperduto nelle colline della Garfagnana, lontano dai grandi centri del Music Business mondiale.


When Hector arrived in Sofia for the first time, we had already exchanged countless e-mai and, although we had never met before, we felt we knew one another other well. We shook hands and – went straight to the studio. The idea behind the project was simple – a subtle, delicate fusion of “Bujgarian Voices” and eleclronics.

Now that the album has been completed, with a crystalline clarity of sound and a vital depth, it is hard to believe what has become of our original simple idea, what waves of musical creation and pure emotions developed over those years. Overwhelmed, consumed by their power, we are stunned by the artistry, transported to a universe of sounds and colours, a world of imaginary landscapes.

As time passed, each recording, one following another, again and again, acquired new power- a different form, illuminated by an increasingly unusual light. Each time they became something new, something unheard of, something unseen, a new found land.

The technique was essentially very simple, but yet sometimes almost impossibly demanding in its very clarity – the musicians had to react absolutely instinctively, using their primal senses. None of them were given any recordings in advance; and they were all thrown straight into deep water. This primal sense is the key to eaeh idea in the global scheme of “The Arch “: an “Arch” of ideas, artists and personalities, of shouts, melancholy, rhythms, an “Arch ” of music! Here each tone is a painting, each solo – an exquisite drawing, each sound – a picture.

Hector painted this archway of musical spaces with both a fine and a broad brush. Surpassing all our ideas, “The Arch” became an exquisite cathedral of music, the archways of which are bridges connecting times and traditions throughout infinity. The paintings on these archways are not stories, but journeys within the special deeps of human ideas and feelings. Journeys of the imagination, revealing new field of our own dreams.

Wilh Hector’s death we lost not only a great artist, but also a very good friend. “The Arch ” is his message for the infinity.

Dimiter Panev


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    Where can I buy this CD ?
    Kind regards,

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    sorry for my late answer but I don’t know where you can buy the cd, you can try on the Label’s web site



  3. Jan Willem
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    There are 2 channels to get this cd. Elen Music won’t respons on e-mail. You can try (but if you order 1 copy, the shippingcosts are high…I didn’t care though). Also you can sent a message to this Bulgarian mailorder guy:!/pages/Dukyan-Meloman/80466391913

    He can sell+ship at a more reasonable price. Good luck…it’s worth the wait.

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    or it can be bought at Amazon

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