Andrea Guzzoletti (b. 23/05/72 – Barga – Lucca – Italy).Graduated at the Lucca Conservatoire “L. Boccherini” in ‘93 as a trumpet player. Following this he continued to perfect his technique with M° Pierre Thibaud in Paris. In 1994 he obtained the High Professional Qualification for Musicians EEC Masters Degree – Jazz and Contemporary Derivations with Paolo Fresu. In 2000 he completed the Berklee College of Music Masters Course at Umbria Jazz. He has been a member of the Italian Jazz Youth Orchestra, on tour with the Peter Erskine John Taylor and Palle Danielsson trio and subsequently with the flautist James Newton. Since 1995 he is an established member of the Barga Jazz Orchestra directed by M° Bruno Tommaso. In December 2006 he founded his independent publishing house, Even Eights Records, with which he has promoted a variety of projects together with a couple of friends who are considered amongst the top contemporary jazz musicians active in Italy Stefano Onorati and Roberto Cecchetto. Together with them he has consolidated his compositional output with scores for promotional videos commissioned by Iveco and the All Blacks during the World Rugby Championship in France. However his most important venture is the experimental mix of Jazz and Improvisation and Dance and Underground Music. At present he is also collaborating with Dj Luca Bacchetti.